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Shield IT is an integrated cyber defense advisory and solutions provider that equips enterprises across Saudi Arabia with comprehensive threat protection, management, and compliance solutions to mitigate and manage cybersecurity hazards. 


Shield IT seeks to be the cybersecurity partner of choice in Saudi Arabia, by helping shape the future of cybersecurity in the country and transform the way cybersecurity is observed and managed. 


Our vision is inspired by the Saudi National Cybersecurity Strategy, whereby we strive to be a key player in the Kingdom's pursuit of building a safe cyberspace that enables business growth and economic prosperity. 


By applying next-gen solutions to today's challenges, we provide our partners with the visibility and intelligence to see, understand, and rapidly act against multi-layered, multi-stage cyberthreats. 


We tap world-class Saudi cybersecurity experts who understand local business needs and guide them through building zero-trust enterprises and architectures. 


Our Vision

Securing a connected ecosystem that Saudi Arabia's people, business and government can trust and rely on. 

Our Mission

To be Saudi Arabia's provider of choice of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that are the most secure and trusted. 

Our Objectives


Our Values



Shield IT's cutting-edge services and solutions leverage a zero-trust strategy that aims to solidify your shield and sharpen your edge.  

We provide enterprise-wide protection from the Edge to the Cloud, to eliminate the greatest security challenges with seamless innovation and proactive protection. 



For most corporations in Saudi Arabia, the enterprise edge is the first line of defence against threats. 

As part of Shield IT’s all-encompassing portfolio of security products, our edge protection solutions provide top-notch protection against multi-stage, multi-layered attacks – whereby we help mitigate infrastructure breaches that expose sensitive user and corporate data, and threats to business operations. 


As organisations increasingly adopt public clouds, the need for security solutions that provide greater flexibility in deployment models can't be exaggerated. 


With sophisticated technology built on the well-accepted cyber kill-chain and latest frameworks, our solutions provide layered security that block known and unknown threats. 


Shield IT's application protection products include an advanced application delivery controller that helps scale performance and offer ultimate protection to applications.  

Our products optimise application performance, while ensuring availability and security.  



One of Shield IT's key strengths is a comprehensive suite that provides end-to-end coverage for an enterprise, from branch to cloud. 

This integrated security architecture works closely with our security management suite that provides management, centralised analytics and automation to help improve global visibility and reduce operational expenses. 

Shield IT’s security management brings together a unified view that provides comprehensive visibility to see what’s going on across the enterprise, from edge to cloud, as well as intelligence to understand the nature of the threat surface.  

Our management solutions leverage such information, in conjunction with our edge, cloud, server and application protection products, to act in real-time to mitigate and stop attacks. 




  • Shield IT's team brings together the right mix of cyber security officials with extensive frontline experience in eliminating advanced threats on behalf of clients from several industries and government agencies.  


  • Our world-class incident response team handle the full incident response lifecycle, including detection; analysis; containment; remediation; post-incident investigation; and litigation support.  


  • We apply a holistic suite of services to help clients of all sizes with vulnerability identification, including vulnerability scans, penetration testing, phishing awareness, and dark web threat research. 


  • Our team is based on exceptional Saudi talents that have performed assessments and penetration testing across multiple commercial verticals and government agencies. 




We count on world-class Saudi cybersecurity experts and talent who understand local business needs and guide our partners through creating zero-trust enterprises and architectures. 


We hold an absolute commitment to Saudization 

It is the policy of Shield IT to ensure equal employment opportunity to Saudi fresh graduates and experienced professionals as they embark on a futuristic successful career at our workplace.