Shield IT


About US

Shield IT is an integrated cyber defense advisory and solutions provider that equips enterprises across Saudi Arabia with comprehensive threat protection, management, and compliance solutions to mitigate and manage cybersecurity hazards.

Shield IT seeks to be the cybersecurity partner of choice in Saudi Arabia, by helping shape the future of cybersecurity in the country and transform the way cybersecurity is observed and managed.

Our vision is inspired by the Saudi National Cybersecurity Strategy, whereby we strive to be a key player in the Kingdom's pursuit of building a safe cyberspace that enables business growth and economic prosperity.

By applying next-gen solutions to today's challenges, we provide our partners with the visibility and intelligence to see, understand, and rapidly act against multi-layered, multi-stage cyber threats.

What we do ?

SHIELD IT specialises in delivering high-quality information security consulting services and solutions. Our security-focused and risk-oriented consulting services provide the expertise and analysis that enables customers to enhance their IT security posture, understand attack surfaces, mitigate information security risks, ensure compliance, and ultimately improve operational efficiency.

Our Vision

To grow continuously as leaders in the cyber security space in Saudi Arabia and regionwide, counting on state-of-art technologies and services, while offering our teams the unique opportunity to transform their career prospects .

Our Mission

To provide exceptional expertise that helps secure businesses and organisations.

Our Objectives

  •  Become an industry leader by integrating cutting-edge technology with local market needs.
  •  Deliver excellent services and solutions that ensure tangible merit and real distinction to customers
  •  Provide a positive workplace for our pool of Saudi talents and experts in which people deliver great outcomes and develop continously
  • · Build long-lasting relationships with customers and employees based on mutual respect, professionalism, and partnership.

Our Values


We believe that the next great technology can be a few keystrokes away, so we employ novel innovations to solve complex challenges and simplify complexity.

Growth mindset

We believe in Kaizen's competitive strategy: improving little by little, and day by day. At Shield IT, we constantly improve how we work by learning from every experience and adopting every new technology.


We remain committed to offering our services with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication along the phases of every endeavour.


We recognise the premium collaboration brings to every endeavour; and count on a wide network of partners to push boundaries and enable success.


We believe in the unique merit and entitlement of everybody; and we made this belief a pillar of our corporate culture and a tenet of our success.


We embrace an early adopter mindset and always seek to apply technology in innovative ways to deliver a distinct value to customers, and a premium to partners.

Our value proposition

Shield IT's cutting-edge services and solutions leverage a zero-trust strategy that aims to solidify your shield and sharpen your edge.

We provide enterprise-wide protection to eliminate the greatest security challenges with seamless innovation and proactive protection. Our services span the users, applications, data and networks security space:


Data Classification , Enterprise Mobility Management , Incident Detection, Privileged Access management , Multi-Factor Authentication , Encryption


Security & Threat Intelligence , Instant Data Recovery , Database Auditing & Monitoring, Secure Information Sharing , User & Entity Analytics , Incident response and Forensics.


Vulnerability Management , File Integrity Monitoring , Secure Remote Access, Cloud & Virtualisation Security.


Web & Email Security, Network Access Control , Next- Generation Firewall & Sandboxing, DDoS Security and DNS Security.

Industries we serve


Shield IT caters a wide array of services for energy industry players. Our services factor in the critical nature of the industry and its high-stakes assets and infrastructure.

We offer security solutions at three key levels: Processes, People and Technology. We use our superior expertise and network of service provides to ensure optimal protection at the three levels.


Shield IT has a tailored suite of services and solutions for the banking and nonbanking financial sector to enable firms to secure consumer data and financial assets.

Our services help banks, investment firms, real estate brokers and insurers remain safe and focus on core business.


Shield IT recognises the fact that the telecom industry controls one of the world's most complex and critical infrastructure, and hence the magnitude of a cyberattack on a telecom provider can have profound consequences. Working with telecom providers – that range from telephony corporations to satellite companies and internet providers – Shield IT recommends and deploys zero-tolerance, next-gen cybersecurity solutions and technologies.


The implications of an attack on a healthcare provider can be enormous; and can exceed financial loss to more critical assets – data and reputation. Shield IT offers specialised cyber protection solutions for firms along the healthcare value chain, recognising the unique nature of every customer's people, processes and technology.


For education institutions, strict security measures need to be seamlessly applied to keep student details, private data and financial information secure. Shield IT works with schools, institutes, universities and regulators on installing and managing secure IT infrastructure, processes and procedures that eliminate cyber hazards and minimise IT risks.

Our key differenitators

  •  Shield IT's team brings together the right mix of cyber security officials with extensive frontline experience in eliminating advanced threats on behalf of clients from several industries and government agencies
  • We apply a holistic suite of services to help clients of all sizes with vulnerability identification, including vulnerability scans, penetration testing, phishing awareness, and dark web threat research.
  •  Our team is based on exceptional Saudi talents that have performed assessments and penetration testing across multiple commercial verticals and government agencies.

Saudi talent at the helm

We count on world-class Saudi cybersecurity experts and talent who understand local business needs and guide our partners through creating zero-trust enterprises and architectures.

We hold an absolute commitment to Saudisation It is the policy of Shield IT to ensure equal employment opportunity to Saudi fresh graduates and experienced professionals as they embark on a futuristic successful career at our workplace.