Threat Intelligence(CYBLE)

Cyber security




CYBLE enables businesses to build a 360° view of external threat landscape with consolidation of intelligence from the darkweb, deepweb, and surfaceweb.

By deploying the industry-leading CYBLE, SaaS-based enterprise platform, we help customers collect intelligence data in real-time across open and closed sources; while mapping, monitoring and mitigating digital risk footprint.

By so doing, Shield IT helps you stack actionable threat intelligence that minimises the odds of a cyberattack.

Our CYBLE-based threat intelligence solution ticks the boxes for Incident Response, Security Operations, Threat Analysis, Vulnerability Management and Third-Party Cyber Risk Exposure.


Cyble Vision

Cyble Vision is a SaaS platform that facilitates detection, delivery, and response against external threats. With two patents filed for its ability to process thousands of records and extract actionable insights in near real-time using extensive AI-ML abilities, Cyble Vision has been a choice of customers for a long time




 Incident Response

Vision helps you stay ahead of cyber threats by providing quick identification and response to incidents.

Its advanced intelligence enables you to minimize the damage of attacks and quickly implement recovery solutions for a smoother resolution.







Security Operations

Incorporate actionable threat intelligence in business processes to increase

your security team’s efficiency. Drastically reduce cyber risks without slowing down your business.










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Threat Analysis

With Cyble Vision you can analyze threat actor Tactics, Techniques,

and Procedures (TTPs) and redefine your security infrastructure accordingly.









Vulnerability Management

Integrate Cyble Vision with your vulnerability management solution

to gain a real-time view of your exploitable vulnerabilities.