Data Governance, Privacy and Protection

Shield IT provides a wide spectrum of services focused on data governance, data privacy and data protection.


Data Governanceِ

Data Governance Services are usually tapped by maturing organisations to ensure that their data management practices keep their data sets:

Shield IT helps clients make the best use of data, while mitigating general and technical risks of any magnitude.


Data Privacy

Consumer and proprietary corporate information are valuable business assets. As the regulatory landscape continues to escalate with new data privacy compliance mandates, the significance of regulatory readiness cannot be overestimated.

The accountability and transparency of how your business collects, shares, and uses sensitive information are a decisive requirement for building trust and improving client experience.

Shield IT assists clients across industries in Saudi Arabia in developing a best-practice model for collecting, retaining and processing data, while ensuring full compliance with emerging regulations.

Together we would be a data-privacy-first mindset that drives opportunities and retains trust.


Data Protection

The right data protection framework prevents your sensitive information from being stolen and used for fraudulent activities like identity theft, phishing and hacking. Some organisations store this data (names, emails, addresses, health information, phone numbers and credit card or financial information) as well as employee records, client details, loyalty programs and transactions.

Data protection laws in the Saudi Arabia and GCC

In September 2021, Saudi Arabia issued its Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) to regulate the processing of personal data. The data privacy legislation poses a set of significant changes to how businesses handle data and operate at large. Other GCC countries, like the UAE, followed suit with similar laws, or commissioned a process for formulating and enacting similar laws.

Complying with emerging PDPL requirements can be tough and costly, if not properly handled by the right people at the right time.

Shield IT provides end-to-end advisory services that will help you interpret and comply with PDPL laws, and enact overarching cultural changes in how your business uses and mines value in data.



The sound classification of data is become increasingly critical in today’s setting of advanced cyber threats. Determining how to classify your data obviously depends on nature of industry and the type of data your organisation collects, uses, stores, processes, and transmits.


Shield IT advises clients to apply a few considerations to ensure a sound classification of data:


  1. What data does your organisation collect from clients and vendors?
  2. What data does your organisation create?
  3. What is the level of sensitivity of the data?
  4. Who needs access to the data?


We work with clients to explore what processes they have in place for classifying data, and see if they need help determining which types of data you collect, use, store, process, or transmit.


If compliance is on your radar, Shield IT is ready to assist with the due diligence to classify data; and propose and deploy classification procedures.


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC is a strategy for managing the overall governance, enterprise risk management  and compliance position of an organisation – thereby spanning all organisational departments and functions.

We at Shield IT help our clients apply a holistic approach to cyber security that integrates information technology in the overall GRC strategy, whereby ensuring that cyber risks are not siloed away from business risks.

We work with clients to design, deploy and measure IT GRC strategy that aggregate all IT risks, compliance and governance functions under a single strategy and craft a playbook for execution and continuous assessment.

We help clients across Saudi Arabia and the GCC develop their IT GRC strategy. 

GDPR Compliance

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on 25 May 2018, and acts as a legal framework for protecting personal and business data from illegal usage by the parties holding data.

The law imposes severe penalties on organisations that fail to comply with data security provisions. 

For organisations operating partly or wholly in the EU, complying with this law is not a luxury. We at Shield IT are ready to provide your team with the right services and solutions that ensure compliance across business processes and operational model.

ISO27001 Compliance

For businesses in Saudi Arabia embarking on ISO 27001 certification journey, Shield IT offers all-encompassing consulting and executions for fulfilling certification.

The ISO 27001 standard focuses primarily on the implementation and management of an information security management system, and is commended for its wide-scale applicability across business verticals.

The journey to certification can be long and costly, but Shield IT's established process will make it clutter free. We offer support across the three key milestones to certification:


NCA-ECC Essential Cyber Security Controls Compliance

Saudi Arabia's National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) introduced the Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC) Framework as a threshold of cybersecurity defence against threats.

The ECC framework consists of 114 cybersecurity controls, and is defined into five main domains: (1) Cybersecurity Governance, (2) Cybersecurity Defence, (3) Cybersecurity Resilience, (4) Third-party & Cloud Computing Cybersecurity, and (5) Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity.

The ECC is linked to relevant national and international laws and regulations.

Shield IT helps clients across industries in Saudi Arabia to conduct a detailed analysis of their current posture against the ECC framework, bridge gaps and prove compliance.

Our compliance-focused services go further to several areas of compliance. So, if you are looking for assistance in any area of cybersecurity compliance, our experts are ready to assist.

SAMA Cyber Security Framework

Shield IT works with Saudi-based regulated financial institutions to ensure compliance to SAMA's Cyber Security Framework.

SAMA deems the adoption and implementation of the Framework as a vital step for ensuring that banking and non-banking financial firms operating in Saudi Arabia can manage and mitigate cyber security risks and threats.

Shield IT liaises with senior management, business owners, information assets holders, and those involved in defining, implementing and reviewing cyber security controls – to ensure accurate interpretation, strategic planning and successful execution of the Framework and its associated controls, across the following verticals:

Risk Management

Shield IT's risk management team provides C-level executives and business leaders with insights into how to effectively predict, measure and mitigate cybersecurity risk.

Our clients come from zero-tolerance industries– including finance, energy, healthcare and mega retail – where information security failure is not an option, and we help them protect against threats.

We understand the best practices and possess the teams and skillsets in the following areas:

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