Infrastructure Security

Cyber security

Shield IT deploys solutions to protect critical infrastructure and keep services up and running, using threat intelligence technologies to protect network boundaries, control connectivity and remediate cyber threats in advance.

Shield IT has experts in security consulting, incident response, data breach incident management, forensics and electronic discovery who can support your team, and double on your efforts to transform security culture and critical infrastructure.


Our cyber security infrastructure services:


  • Help enterprise adapt as the Industrial Internet of Things continues to change what and how CISOs needs to protect information systems.
  • Keep up with cyber security laws and regulations.
  • Streamline the human role in cyber security.
  • Protect network boundaries, control connectivity, and securely prepare for increasing cloud and remote access connections.
  • Focus on true cyber security and how it impacts critical infrastructure.
  • Develop enterprise-wide awareness and processes to manage cyber risk to systems, assets, data, controls, and capabilities.
  • Segment and isolate operational assets to reduce the risk of disruption to operations and streamline security patches across multiple networks.