Cyber security

SIEM software tools and products combine the capabilities of security information management (SIM)

and security event management (SEM) tools into a comprehensive solution for cybersecurity.

SIEM tools help organisations:

  • Collect, analyse and present security-related data
  • Real-time analysis of security alerts
  • Log security data and generate reports
  • Identity and access management
  • Log auditing and review
  • Incident response and security operations

Shield IT advises clients on deploying SIEM tools for the following practices:

Compliance: to streamline the compliance process for organisations subject to data security and privacy compliance regulations.

Incident investigation: when a breach is detected, our team use SIEM software to quickly identify how the attack breached enterprise security systems and what hosts or applications were affected.

Vulnerability management: to proactively test network and IT infrastructure, and detect and address possible entry points for cyber attacks.

Threat intelligence: to analyse internal and external cyber threats that could affect business assets.