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Identity and access management (IAM) ensures that only the right people and job roles can access the tools they need to do their jobs. Identity management and access systems enable enterprises to manage a range of identities including people, software, and hardware like robotics and IoT devices. 


Shield IT provides a wide range of identity and access management services that include: 


  • Fine-grained access control to critical resources 

  • Multi-factor authentication across platforms and applications 

  • Analysis features to validate and fine tune policies 

  • Integration with external identity management solutions 


As part of a wider zero-trust architecture, Shield IT helps clients formulate IAM Implementation Strategy that focuses on: 


  • Central identity management 
    Shield It provides the tools and technology for managing access to resources at the identity level, thereby allowing centralised management of identities. This could mean migrating users from other systems or at least synchronising IAM with other user directories.--- need to mention partners  


  • Secure access 
    Given the importance of security at the identity level, an IAM shall ensure that it is confirming the identities of logged-in users; which may mean implementing MFA or a combination of MFAs and adaptive authentications that take into account the context of login attempts including locations, time, device, etc. 


  • Policy-based control 
    Users should only be given the authorisations needed to perform their own tasks. An IAM should be designed to give users access to resources based on their job roles, their department or any other attributes as appropriate. This ensures that resources are secure, no matter when, where or how they are being accessed. 


  • Zero-trust policy 
    A zero trust policy means an enterprise's IAM solution is constantly monitoring and securing users identity and access points. Shield IT's policies and procedures ensure that each employee within the enterprise is identified and having managed access. 


  • Secured privileged accounts 
    In a secure access management system, each and every user access is granted only necessary privileges. Accounts with special tools or privileged access to sensitive information can be provided a tier of security and support that suits their status as a gatekeeper for the enterprise. 


  • Training and support 
    Shield IT provides training for the users who will be engaged with the product -- including users and administrators - and provide customer service for the long-term health of your IAM installation and its users. 


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